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reppin Wisconsin in the PNW
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And I'm not going to make it!
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I couldn't log in to my live journal for the past several months because I attempted to log in from a different IP than usual.

Imagine that, me logging in from a different IP. I have been to Las Vegas four times this year, California twice, Kansas and North Dakota once each. It's going to be a nuts year if this is the pace we are starting with.

Reese is doing well. She is on Prilosec for her reflux and it helps her a great deal. She is presently off the medicine because the pharmacy did not fill it when we asked them to (Thursday) and now that it's Tuesday, she is at home with her momma screaming bloody murder because something is hurting (esophagus intestines, who knows.)

After my first year of being in the field of construction lineman I can say a few things. It has been a crazy go of it. Four storms, several different jobs, and tons of opinions. It seems like it hardly can go a day without someone spewing their (always correct) opinion of how this trade is, how you should get to the next step, how to stay afloat, alive, in the work, money, etc. It has been fun, and not fun all at the same time. Of making friends, I can only say a few that I would make a go of it for hanging out after work. Obviously one would have to be Nate. We rode together most of the fall and have the same understanding of the trade despite a few other people centrally located to the work we were doing, not naming any names.. Definitely someone to watch if you want to learn how to act in this trade. Moves fast, works hard, doesn't take risks, etc. It's good to see the next generation coming into the Northwest as one who is not as crusty as the present one.

We worked a storm in Walla Walla together. There was #6 solid primary down across a small river. It was shallow enough in spots that I would probably consider it debatable as a "river" but whatever. After working all night, I was getting a bit tired of ideas that were silly. Our plan was to extend our boom out across the water from both sides of the river and hand the wire to each other. Problem being, we couldn't get a bucket close enough to the edge of the bank because of steepness or location of a fence, etc. As we are standing there debating which wire we want to put up first I grab the proper grip for the wire, a long section of rope and jump into the river. I hook the wire on the grip and bring it up to the opposite side that I started on. I then threw the other end of the rope up to my foreman and proceeded to do so with the other three downed wires.

This is all well and fine if you've got the boots for it, but I was in leather ones! I was totally soaked. It was done and I was over it. Nate was telling me last week that he looked at me and could tell that I was a little pissed. He didn't agree with my methods. There was no danger of anything, the wire was grounded and so on... Some times you just need to get shit done man.

We worked another repair job after and had to do the same thing. Thankfully I was able to borrow a pair of hip waders from PacificCorp to stay dry. We ended up having a one day weekend and then went back to Yakima on Monday.
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It might get awkward.

Caitlin and I went to a gas station just now. I saw a hipster girl in the parking lot in the car next to us. Wanting to see how cool her man friend was I scanned the inside of the store. I saw a drink cooler door open but saw no one (the aisles were taller than this dude.)

I selected my drink and sized this hipster in training up. Vegan-esque shoes, twill shorts, flannel shirt rolled at the elbows revealing *drum roll* a Lord of the Rings tattoo. (The one thats engraved (or whatever) on the One Ring).

I decide to call this guy out. So I look at him and go "Hey. Keep it secret, keep it safe." To which he responds with a quizzical look and "okay man".

I won't pick on hipsters but I will pick on fake nerds. If you're going to sit through the 2+ hours to get the full wrap around tattoo like that, you'd better know a bit more than "its from LOTR". Not to MENTION, if you're short like this dude, you'd better know, somebody in nerdland is going to question you. *hobbit faker cough*

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Just got back from a two day trip that was supposed to be a one day. Nice! Line trucks that overheat are always fun when it's 85°.

Oh well, that's not the part that brought me to livejournal. I got a call that can help turn my gray skies of work situation into blue ones! I won't be specific but it's a good thing.

Cookie is going well inside of momma, so that's always cool! We are always learning more as time goes on. Birthing class was on Tuesday and that told us some important info about how baby comes out. I could probably do it now if I had to, haha jk. It's obviously a complex process to have a baby but I feel I could easier do that than hook up a wye-wye on a transformer. Although transformer hook-ups have diagrams, hmm. On second thought, lets leave the babies to the OB doctors and the transformers to the lineman.

It's 7:20 and I'm hungry!! When will I eat something other than a dang muffin?!

It's time to skateboard until I'm done waiting for Caitlin. Have fun live journal, I know you will until I come back :)

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who thinks you only get a few good, true friends in your life. The trick is, you need to see who they are and treasure them as one of Gods gifts. Cultivating a friendship is a delicate thing for me. I tend to want to be "all up in your grill" from word go. I have learned from overdoing it many times that this is highly unacceptable to most people.

Essentially there's a balance. In todays world, friendship is in dire straits. Facebook and texting are disguising themselves as acceptable means of friendship. But FB and your phone will not comfort you when you are crying, will not give wise advice, can not give you a hug if you need it or a slap back into reality if you need that too. And conversely, those technologies will not cut and run if you stop paying attention to them or say a rude thing. It's accepted and nearly encouraged to behave badly.

For me, another thing about friendship that kind of irks me is when people want to make that joke that crosses the line. Even if it does cross the line into where I don't want it to, its all "well, I'm having fun, you know it was a joke right? right?" Well basically there comes a point if I want it to stop, it can stop. Theres got to be limits too - it's not a free for all.

This isn't really a complete thought on it but I'm so damn tired and I smell of grass and sweat and ugh. Blah. I'm really drained honestly and it's only the start of a long and tiring weekend of babysitting followed by a week long driving trip to Las Vegas. Hopefully we can stay near the strip!! That would be so rad but, it hardly works in our time frame. I am pushing it as it is asking to do what I have. I'll leave it at that..

Until next time livejournal - peace out!

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that the phone just needed to dry off some. 2.5 hours of soaking up mud and dirty water wasn't enough to ruin this iphone. It took most of today but the phone is back to it's old working self.


I'm watching Thor now, so I cant talk long. Have a good night live journal.
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some times it just feels right to drop your 5 month old iphone 4s in the catch all drain at your apartment complex. It's not sewer water. But thats the only good thing you can say about it. Five feet deep and three feet full of water. Murky, stinky, nasty. I foolishly thought I could drive to the Apple Store and get a new phone without turning in the one that was sitting in the catch all. Nope. I drove to Tacoma and asked if they could hook me up - to which they replied no. Wow. I then asked if we could look up my phone and see if it was still showing as stuck there or if it was sent downstream by some insane underground current (because its the PNW and water is always flowing man, fricken 80% of our power is hydro out here) anyway - no, it didn't show up. The chick believed me that it went down the drain but wasn't going to budge.

Fine. I will get that damn phone if it takes me all night. (Brandon, you cant stay up past midnight on a school night.) Fine I will get that phone by midnight! Anyway, start driving and get a few miles down the road. Great, tank is on E and going below and its 34 miles to home. Could this night BE better! NO. Get gas, drive home. I go in the house, grab a claw hammer, flashlight, plastic bag, electrical tape, broom. Use claw hammer to pull up storm drain cover, turn on flashlight, put in bag, tape to broom, insert in murky water. Nope, cant see phone. Oh goody.

Phase 2. Get lunchbox out of back seat, start bailing out 3 feet of water with lunchbox all the while leaning into a catch all with an unknown depth - I hope the bottom of this thing is solid because if its just major build up and I fall in, im going to drown in muck XD. ANyway, I end up finding my phone and man does it STINK. I guess tomorrow I will drive back to the Apple store and get a new phone. Until then! Wow. just amazing

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This hoodie is still alive and kicking. Yay for that! (The gray hoodie, on the lower right.)

For the zero people that read this, it's quite important to me because it was once lost and now it has been found. I accidentally left it in Canada hanging on this one specific hook in a cabin. I went back some years later and it was still chilling there (which is rad because quite a few people use the cabin and also, its out in the middle of nowhere so it could have been burned down or stolen by wild aminals).

Anyway, it's hard. To have a good mood when you feel like everyone around you is either against you or just being stupid. Today was a fairly standard day at work, plenty to do and little to talk about outside of work related things which gets real old real fast. But it's moving closer to "whatever" every single day. I'm going to be an apprentice.

There's some flowers from a recent trip to Walgreens. Pretty awesome seeing as it is only March 28th. It rained all day today but those flowers have to come from something I guess. Making the most of a crap situation with my lil phoney.

Tomorrow could be nuts. Work 7-5, set up mars hill kids 5:30-6:30, greet for the Good Friday sermon, sermon, tear down. Bed. Goal - 2 photographs from that. We'll see if that happens.

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I've had enough. Something has to break through. It's been one bad thing after another and it's hard to find the good.

In my re-applying to the apprenticeship I had to submit work history in a related trade instead of what I was originally told (simply submitting my line school transcripts). And now I'm sticking myself into the same bad circle of bad attitude and not wanting to leave the house to do anything.

It was tabled tonight at pints and quarts that people in western washington were critical in their countenance. Even if they were not college educated I feel people here have information and they are not afraid to share it. Spelling, pronunciation, location of such and such, world travel, and even opinions seem to hold more weight than my own. It's at a point that I want to say "whatever" but I cannot. I am in money prison among other things.

I will tell you one thing that's really pissing me off. I have been on more than one damn drug screen that was billed as a random but in the conversations coming out of peoples big mouths, it appears to be because they think I am doing drugs. For fucks sake. I'm as straight edge as any punk. It's about all I can stand to not punch someone over that bullshit.

I half-wish I could simultaneously blog and write the code for something as lucrative as facebook. But then again, he was trashed when he did that and I'm going to be a lineman all for the sake of doing something worthwhile. Facebook is for fun, people made money on that. I could blog or make videos or join a band and all that stuff, but at the end of the day I want to help the infrastructure of the country I live in and love to be a part of. Maybe not "this" part of the country just yet. But hopefully some day soon.

Until next time all one of you.
Au revoir,

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What a show ! I absolutely and completely loved it! Caitlin suggested that we go see that movie a week and a half ago and I could not remove my focus from that the entire time. I was so excited to see the movie, I cannot even tell you.

I cried a few times. What a cool story of trying to do things the way you enjoy them without being told you cannot. She and I have many similarities but watching that movie made me feel like a sell out. I don't have the ability to do what I love at present date. I am getting there but on the road I won't get to do it in the way that I want to and it's a shame, much like in the movie where she was part of a producer group that tried to steer in an unacceptable path the trade I am in frowns upon the clothing, hair and jewelry choices that I love to choose.

I am going to make a list of quote on quote acceptable ways to bring vibrant color into my job. I'm thinking bandannas, shoe laces, patches.. its difficult because I work in the Lines trade and everything must be dielectric and many things are supposed to be FR. I don't want to become a liability to myself of my family and at the same time I want to wear the devil may care attitude associated with my earlier years of dress style. Contradictions abound and people hate that. I want to boil it all down to one thing - this always proves to be difficult, but I will try.
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